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Growing up a Newfoundlander of Cockney parentage who later lived in Quebec, Louise developed a fascination for accents, gestures, and other distinguishing cultural features. While travelling she records conversations with ordinary people and edits a script from the recordings, playing up to 20 different characters in a performance. Her quirky vignettes are both funny and biting.

Men, women, old, young, Louise learns the accents of those she has interviewed, telling their stories and through them telling the life, politics and history of a place. The collapse of the fisheries in Newfoundland, losing a son on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, quitting smoking on the south coast of Newfoundland, the Quebec Icestorm, life in French Newfoundland, racism in England, the experiences of a Canadian in New York: Louise takes on the people around her.

These rare glimpses into private lives juxtapose events and characters, giving way to contradictory and often funny stories. Louise's experiences as a dancer and performance artist mould each story into a unique presentation of contemporary life.

Louise studied at Studio 303 in Montreal and has performed throughout Canada and in Europe, Iceland, New York, Australia, and Brazil.