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JULY 13 OTTAWA: COMING UP! CanadaScene Festival, NAC: If a Place TICKETS: The Daly Family Collective (Diana Daly, Louise Moyes, Anne Troake), at the Canada Dance Festival.

Kitty and Daniel Daly of Riverhead, St. Mary’s Bay, had 12 children, six of whom were very tall and six of whom had skeletal dysplasia, formerly known as dwarfism or little people, and currently known as persons of short stature. Their great-grandaughter (and great-niece), songwriter Diana Daly, dancer-actor Louise Moyes, and director Anne Troake have been asked to tell their stories. In a journey of friendship and song, Diana and Louise bring the Daly family’s memories to life through powerful images, stories, dance, laughter, and a bit of Carlton Showband! (Aunt Cack and Aunt Mary Daly's favourites - as well as Ryan's Fancy and Sons of Erin). Original music by Diana Daly. If a Place Could Be Made weaves family, compassion, the web of tales that surround us, with the only tale we can really tell well, which is our own. Telegram Article Jan 20, 2016:


A gorilla, a child, a man and Heidegger cross paths one day in a zoo in Rotterdam, trying to "break through that retaining wall of time"  - and other enclosures, real or imagined. Are we ready for the onslaught when the barriers break between animal and human, time and being? And who will forgive us? Louise Moyes on All Zoos Everywhere

Mavis Gallant : a docudance

Louise Moyes presents a new docudance based on the works of expat Montreal writer Mavis Gallant, who lived in Paris from 1950.


The docudance St. John's Women presents in dance, film, photo, and theatre the lives of three St. John's women from three decades: their city, their generations, and their hearts. Great stories about growing up in St. John's and the city we love.

                                Concept, choreography and performance: Louise Moyes

                                Interviewees: Ashley Kapoor, Louise, Kay Haynes

                                Here’s what the press had to say:


Florence recreates the life of lively and heartbreakingly funny storyteller, musician and dancer Florence Leprieur, aged 93, from Black Duck Brook (l'Anse à Canard), Newfoundland. Through video, dance, and Florence's stories in both French and English we also see the Port-au-Port peninsula, on the west coast of the province. It is a place that is not well known by Newfoundlanders, let alone Canadians and beyond.

My Secret Pig

A Newfoundlander, a Quebecoise and a Cockney meet on Duckworth Street in St. John's in this extraordinary story of the ordinary event of walking the dog. Text and choreography by Louise Moyes. Music by Twangin' Dwayne Eddy and UAKTI. Performed Vancouver's Dancing on the Edge, Studio 303, Centaur Theatre Cabaret, and Tangente Montreal, Nfld Festival of New Dance and fFIDA, Toronto.

a propos of nothing/ a propos de rien

A propos of nothing/ À propos de rien

A propos is a light-hearted romp through the clichés of contemporary performance as embodied by the Fool archetpye -  whose  attributes include innocence, trust and the pleasure of living in the moment. 

Duration: 15 minutes. Versions française et anglaise. English and French versions.

Performed  at Atlantic Dance Festival-Festival en Danse en Atlantique , Moncton and produced by Neighbourhood Dance Works (NDW) St. John’s. 


PERFORMANCES AT THE LSPU HALL!!  March 17-21, 2015: for tickets or call 753-4531

On the road from Montreal to St. John's via ‘forgotten coasts’, Louise Moyes finds threads of Newfoundland and Quebec, home and the road, deceptions and truth. Kept company by a bag lady beloved by many, Louise weaves "a bit of history and a lot of humanity" (The Telegram) in this one-woman tour de force, TAKING IN STRANGERS.

Thinking About the 10-Year Anniversary of the Cod Moratorium

Collaboration with world-reknowned radio documentarian Chris Brookes; a sound piece on the cod moratorium’s 10th anniversary. Moyes choreographs to the piece as score. Thinking was supported by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (NLAC) and a Canada Council for the Arts travel grant. Performed St. John’s Festival of New Dance, Cape St. Mary’s, and Studio 303, Montreal.

In A New York Second

Stories collected on subways and in streets of New York, seen through the eyes of a Canadian.

Dance to live guitar improvisation by Wallace Hammond, other music by UAKTI (Brazil). Presented at the Newfoundland Festival of New Dance. Canada Council supported.